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In our travels around the UK and EU we get to meet a lot of boat owners and are often asked the question “do you know anyone who…………?” In these extremely competitive times, the more presence you have, the more people are likely to find your product or service on-line. Every link you have will move you further up the search engine ladder We spend our time representing and promoting marine focused companies to Marinas, Yacht clubs, Boat shows and Open days where we meet boat owners and heavily promote our website with printed material, email marketing and social media. You can read more about who we are and what we do here Get your marine business or service listed here for only

£149 a year!!

For this price, you will have a full page where we can add text, images, email address Social media links and website link If you need inserts into 2 or more categories then the first advert costs £149 per year with additional costing £50 per category listing per year

Once you have decided how many inclusions you want, then please complete this form and we will send you an invoice.

Why Advertise?

Your domain, listed on our site is called an ‘Inbound’ link or ‘back-link’ and is a hyperlink directing visitors to your own website when clicked.  These types of  links are important for search engine optimisation (SEO),  because search engines, including Google, see relevant  inbound links to a page as a sign that the content on that page is useful, therefore, eventually, helping your website move higher up the rankings.

We not only just list your website, we also allow you to display text, email, social media links and images, which all help your site get seen.

Because our site is marine based, Google therefore sees your site as being relevant.

Although this is a fairly new site, we are trying to build a community where boat owners can find the service or product they need quickly and easily.

We visit Marinas and yacht clubs on an almost daily basis, where we meet and speak with many boat owners.